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Ya_All Fest 2022

08th January 2023,

Chandrakirti Auditorium, Palace Compound.

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Why are we raising Funds?

To support the one and only Transmen Football Team in India.

The FUND RAISE will be put towards 'Ya_All Transmen Football team'

well-being and purchase of training kits to assist in their skill set development

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08th January 2023

Rs 250
  • Available tickets for this price
  • Valid for 1 Person Entry
  • Concert + Dance Competition


08th January 2023

Rs 200
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  • Valid for 1 Person Entry
  • Concert Screening


08 th January 2023

Rs 2000
  • Available tickets for this price
  • Valid for 3 Person Entry
  • Concert + Dance Competition

K-Pop Dance Competition

08 January, 2023. Chandrakirti Auditorium, Palace Compound

1st Prize : 15,000₹+Memento (BONUS:

For 1st prize Winner

One (1) month free dance class at Ardac The Sayon)

2nd Prize : 10,000₹+Memento

3rd Prize : 8000₹+Memento

Best Costume : 5000₹ 


Dr. Yumlembam Bidyananda

Manipuri Classical Dance

Dr. Yumlembam Bidyananda is an eminent Manipuri Classical dancer & has pursued his research on dance from prestigious Visva Bharati, Santiniketan. He exudes a captivating aura in all stage performances; a passionate teacher & currently teaches at Manipur International University. He also owns Geeton Academy, a dance academy. He believes art is powerful & spreads love, truth & unity; also a kpop enthusiast!

Senjam Hemjit (Tombi)

Dancer & Choreographer

The award-winning choreographer & dance instructor of –“ARDAC THE SAYON” is trained in traditional and modern dance. He competed in the “Indian hip-hop championship 2019” representing “Manipur” among others. Ardac the Sayon, in collaboration with a dance company Nachom Arts Foundation, Manipur is working on new creativities currently. Nevertheless, Hemjit's choreography is filled with fun, upbeat and thrilling! Are you ready for it?

Event Schedule

10th December 2022, 12 noon: Dance Competition

11th December 2022, 10:00am & 02:00pm Concert Screening.

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Get to the venue

Dance Competition: KAGO Football Turf, Ghari Airport Road.

BTS Concert Screening: Chandrakirti Auditorium, Palace Compund.